Food security is one of the cornerstones of our R&D teams and our agreements with Research centers and Universities.


The increasing concern on food security from the consumers has led us to develop very specific additives for poultry farming against salmollenosis and Campylobacter Coli. Our Poultry variety allows a rigorous control of these pathogens and the optimization of technical results.

The 911 line focuses on a quality launch and the 944 line aims for the performance optimization and risk minimization in the food chain.


Originates from a need to ensure a safe start of the chick in its first 10 days of life.


Intake and technical parameters enhancers allows a progressive release of digestive and immunostimulatory promoters adjusted to the digestive transit at this stage, ensuring an excellent life span through the enhancement of the intestinal functionality. 


At the same time, its combination of protected acids allows an effective protection against a Gram + and Gram -.


The aim of POULTRY 944 is the maximum food security along with production improvement.


The combination of aromatic substances and acids that control and minimize the infection pressure from Salmonella spp and Campylobacter Coli (proved in statistical studies both in vitro and in vivo) guarantees the security and zoo technical results in the final stage of chick feeding.


Its protection fits the transit time of the food at this production stage.    



A-plus is an interesting premixture of aromatic substances that provides an improvement of the productive parameters as well as a decreased environmental impact of the farming activity.


We consider A-plus an optimal alternative to the ordinary growth promoters given that its action mechanism allows:

  • Preventing gastrointestinal disorders
  • Promoting the development of the beneficial intestinal flora.
  • Decreasing the intestinal damage and the formation of intestinal ammonia.

Consequently, improved digestion and nutrient absorption meaning a better conversion rate and a higher average daily gain.


From Additives for farming, aware of the problems faced by the manufactures on pollution, and after three years of research on natural aromatic mixtures, we have enhanced the formulation of A-plus so that in the last experimental tests conducted relevant differences against other growth promoters against gas reduction e.g. ammonia, hydrogen and methane sulfide have been shown, therefore contributing to the environmental care.


Optimax exclusive design allows the addition of butyric acid (not its salts), along the animal digestive tube achieving a health-beneficial effect on our animals. This is the only combination protected in the market that produces a release of butyric acid in the intestine.


This is the reason why, it is especially effective for the control of the enteropathogens and for the enhancement of Bifid/Lactobacteria, unlike any other Butyrate (it has no bactericidal effect).


It protects and boosts the development of the intestinal mucosa as any other form of butyric.


The final outcome is an improvement on the digestibility of the nutrients, causing an enhancement of the zoo technical results.


Optimax, MORE THAN A BUTYRATE, is not only another energy source for the enterocyte (as any Butyric acid salt) but also a STRONG INTESTINAL HEALTH-ENHANCING BACTERICIDE.