Additives for farming

Additives For Farming, leading company on the development of additives that provide real and effective solutions for poultry, pig and bovine production.


Integrated and established by first-class specialists for each of these productions, it originates as a need for providing its stakeholders with non-antibiotic solutions for increased productivity for  farms and products.


We have made possible the development and tuning of the feedstuffs that substitute medicines with high efficacy and most importantly with a high return on investment


In our experimental farms we conduct extensive testing and tuning of each of our specialties, guarantee of repeatability and consistency of results when launching a product on the market.


Our professionals are constantly working on the development of new product lines.


We operate in different countries around the world through our supply network.


" We are present in different countries around the world through our supply network.    "




Design innovation and manufacturing of new additives that enhance the products are part of the workaday of our technicians and chemists.


Once this process is completed, the testing of all our products in our experimental farms with which we have collaboration agreements begins.  This is the most critical and decisive stage of the entire process where, after a comprehensive analysis of all the results, only those additives that have passed our internal quality and ROI standards  are admitted (ROI above 5).


Direct contact with manufacturing partners of Additives for Farming helps us to develop demand-driven solutions and to stay informed of all the latest developments.



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