The design and composition of Acidconfort makes it a highly efficient additive for the substitution of zinc oxide.


Stress situations like the weaning of the piglets or the fattening are always a crucial time before diarrhea appears, being one of the disorders with the highest economic impact in our productions.


The Zinc Oxide has been applied with excellent results as a choice treatment for the prevention of this type of diarrhea (mainly produced by Escherichia coli). However, the future prohibition of this molecule on feedstuffs, along with the increasing pressure to limit its use due to the great environmental pollution impact involved, has triggered the need for finding safe and profitable alternatives such as Acidconfort.



It has been proven that the introduction of Acidconfort to the diet of our animals significantly enhances its efficiency (GMD and IC improvements), allowing a complete substitution of zinc oxide and preventing the onset of diarrhea and a corresponding increase of mortality.